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Apollo 12 astronaut Alan Bean as photographed by fellow astronaut Pete Conrad (who is seen in Bean's visor) (full-size image; other Apollo photos)

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NASA Home Page

NASA Official Apollo 11 - 30th Anniversary Site

Johnson Space Center/NASA

Kennedy Space Center/NASA

Russian Space Agency

IKI (Russian Academy of Sciences/Research)

 JPL/NASA-Cal Tech

Berkeley Space Sciences Lab

Students for the Exploration of Space (SEDS)

Harvard SETI Project

SETI at Home

 Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Hubble Heritage

Rogers Pics of Hale-Bopp (nice!)

JPL Observer Tools


Sky & Telescope - Sights

Weasner's ETX Site

Jack Horkheimer - Star Gazer

 Meade Telescopes


 The Telescope Store








Mannie's Photos of the "Neighborhood"

Coming soon...I'm waiting for some good weather in Columbia to use my ETX90...Some initial shots of the moon were ungratifying under less than desirable seeing conditions...