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3rd Annual Pumpkin Carving Party

another successful Liscum Lab party. Much enjoyment had by all!

Our illustrious host, Renee, in action! Always smiling...and she had the flu...see what Halloween does to people.
Joelle & Kevin...their first "married" carvin' experience.
Haven't figured this one out yet...either Taylor was just caught by surprise or she's giving us some 4 year-old attitude. She did enjoy her first (essentially) solo punkin carvin' though.
Bringing some subjects to the operating table.
Fruits of our labors (flash lit)
Fruits of our labors (candle lit)



6th Annual MMM & Costume Party

We had some really good costumes this year. Like most years my initial estimate of how many movies we could get through was overly optimistic. I had plans to screen "Halloween" as well, but we did get through 3 features. We took a break between "Young Frankenstein" and "the Exorcist" to check out my 1999 yard haunt and to let the kids have fun with a pinata that Jackie brought (thanks again!). All-in-all this was another successful MMM. Can't wait until next years!!!

The lab photo

L to R: front row, Princess Bride (Taylor), Transvestite Lumber-Jack (Mannie); back row, Hippy (Holly), M&M (Emily), Russian Cat (Natalia), Groucho the Mad-Scientist (Andrei), Scarecrow (Renee), Ace Frehley (Tom), Damsel (Jackie)

Our '99 Costume Contest winner!!! Unfortunately Renee's allergies were kicked into high gear due to the straw, making her costume no more comfortable in the long run than last years costume!
Our Contest Runner-Up. Tom may have given Renee a run if he had worn the platforms!!
We all liked this photo since it shows Andrei in a less-serious state! Look at all those teeth.
Em & Den...or is it Death by M&M?
Ed Harper...the photographer for many of the shots of the Pumpkin Carving Party & the MMM/Costume Party...as well as being Renee's other half! Like the costume?
The entire party shot...added to the lab group are (L to R): upper L corner (half a mask), Jason (Blaine, Holly's significant other), Death (Den, Emily's husband), Scream-to-Death (Vladmir, Andrei & Natalia's eldest son), Damsel #2 & 3 (Noelle & Susan, Jackie's pals), Samurai Warrior (Jeremy, Jackie's significant other), Mary (Bethany Stone), Accidental Tourist (Cathy Krull), Ted (Rich Stone), Devil in the Blue Dress (Sarah Balligan)