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("Foever" by Chris Brown)


Yep, I actually got around to updating my website. It looks quite a bit different than before!! Anyway's, new updates are on the way and new news and events are here!!


This years competition team is bigger, and better than ever!! I'm sad for the

end of the year, though. We currently have three awesome (high school) seniors on the team!!

Jamie, Leah, and Emma.

They will unfortunately be leaving us this upcoming year and be moving off to college!!

(Good luck getting into the colleges you want!! GO SENIORS!! WHOO!!)


The Dancearts competition team teachers wants to recognize the three girls amazing talents.

Most of the dances this year will be focused on the seniors; senior dances.

Most of the dances this year are re-makes, however, it doesn't mean they won't be improved.

If any of you readers are familiar with "The Pit" originally choreographed by Sarah Jo Fazio;

a senior dance a few years back (around '03-'04?), they are re-making it, with Jamie, Leah, and Emma!!

Congrats guys!! (Hopefully the former "Party Girls" will be understudies for the three!!)


Some pictures from last year...

Me and my best friend ever! YO!

From left to right: Heather (long-time friend. We meet back in 2001/2002!!), Hannah (BFF!!), Jamie, and Britny

Show of that bling-bling, girls. Some of the girls decided to bling out their competition jackets. Pretty cool, huh?

(Haha, the girl on the right is Hannah (my BFF!!) - she is OBSESSED with blingage! It's her favorite thing, other

than her family, her friends, dance, and her dogs Zoe, Clover, and Sadie!!)

Everyone has their Happy Place, right?

(Looks like Emily, the blonde one (another one of my best friends), is in hers; EmilyLand.)

This one's at a favorite competition of ours, Tremaine!! Emily, on the right, and me, on the left received a scholar-

ship at the convention, which to be frank, was a long, and rough process. You would wake up at 6:00 or so in the

morning and eat breakfast, get dressed, and head on down to the room you were supposed to be in. (For us, the

teen room.) Then, you'd have about a half-hour to stretch, put your hair up, whatever. (Trust me: butterflies BIG

TIME!!) Then, you'd get a ballet combination, go over it three or four times, perform it, and then they would make

cuts. If you don't get cut, you move on to the next round: jazz (usually). Combination. Perform. Cuts. If you got p-

ast the jazz cuts you would get your name written on a peice of paper, and then you'd go to classes. Just because

you made it past the jazz cuts doesn't mean you get a scholarship, though. You have to wait a whole eight or nine

hours before they tell you. You find out at the faculty show, and if you do get one, PROPS to you!! CONGRATS EM!

You deserved it!!

From left to right: Michaela, Heather, Laurie Johnson (a long-time favorite/famous tap teacher from Tremaine. She

is amazing!! She's also a Motivational Speaker. She's definately one of my idols!!) me, Abbi, Emilie (in the back), &

Emily (best friend!!).

Former senior Hannah W!! Good luck in college, we love you!!

Top: Heather - Middle: Leah - Bottom: Emily

This picture is one of my favorites, just because these three girls are some of my best friends I''ve ever had!!

Emily S. and Hannah and Leah and Heather are my best friends on the team, they are so great!! I love you guys!!


Now, for what you've all been waiting for...

The 2008/2009 Competition Dances!

Heather: "Yay! Finally!!"


√ = Taylor is in/Kasey is in this dance (Congrats, Kasey (my sister) for making it on the team!!)

The Team

Jamie Andes
Kendyl Boone
Kadee Dempsey
Marcus Frisby
Sarah Kinney
Kasey Liscum
Michaela Logan
Emma Montgomery
Caitlynn Noltie
Danielle Richter
Hannah Schafer
Lauren Steffens
Jacob Tarrant

Heather Bartel
Nicole Crespi
Leah Franklin
Ashley Hatton
Sydney Klenke
Taylor Liscum
Emilie McSheehy
Michael Mossine
Caitlin Price
Abbie Ries
Emily Starkey
Caroline Stevens
Chloe White

The Dances

Jr. Jazz
Kendyl, Kadee, Marcus, Sarah, Kasey, Caitlynn, Caitlin, Danielle, Abbie, Caroline, Chloe

Sr. Jazz
Jamie, Heather, Leah, Sydney, Taylor, Emilie, Emma, Hannah, Emily, Lauren

Jamie, Leah, Emma, Taylor, Emilie, Emily

Sr. Modern
Jamie, Leah, Emma, Emily

Sr. Musical Theatre
Jamie, Leah, Emily

Production Hip-Hop
Jamie, Heather, Kendyl, Kadee, Leah, Ashley, Sarah, Sydney, Taylor, Michaela, Emma, Michael, Caitlynn, Caitlin, Abbie, Hannah, Emily, Lauren, Caroline

Production Ballet
Jamie, Heather, Kendyl, Nicole, Leah, Marcus, Ashley, Sarah, Sydney, Taylor, Michaela, Emilie, Emma, Caitlynn, Caitlin, Danielle, Abbie, Hannah, Emily, Lauren, Jacob, Chloe, Michael

Sr. Jazz Trio [The Pit]
Jamie, Leah, Emma

Sr. Tap
Jamie, Heather, Leah, Ashley, Sydney, Taylor, Emilie, Emma, Emily, Jacob


Well, that's about it. Look for more updates soon to come!! SEE YA!!

-Taylor Liscum

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