Nicotiana Floral Evolution

Anthony Ippolito, Wilson Fernandes, Tim Holtsford, Tina Merrels, Allena Volskay, Rainee Kaczorowski, Michael Wunsch, Jana U'Ren, Matt Krna and Jessica Cuba are studying floral evolution in Nicotiana Section Alatae, a monophyletic group with amazing diversity in floral traits.


primary pollinators

mating system

N. longiflora


Self-compatible (SC), facultative outcrosser but at least one population selfs regularly in the glasshouse

N. plumbaginifolia


SC, autogamous & cleistogamous

N. alata


Self-incompatible (SI)-enforced outcrossing

N. langsdorfii

hummingbirds, Bombus, Halictids

SI-enforced outcrossing but some populations studied by Bruce McClure are SC.

N. forgetiana

hummingbirds, Halictid bees

SI-enforced outcrossing

N. mutabilis

hummingbirds, others?

SI-(new flrs white, older ones pink)

N. bonariensis

small perching moths

SI-enforced outcrossing

N. sp. novo ?

hummingbirds, Halictids and small moths

SI-enforced outcrossing

Anthony Ippolito is the primary author of all projects without a name after them -- and his work faciltated everything below.

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