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PUBLICATIONS (1965-1989)


Martof, B.S., and H.C. Gerhardt. 1965. Observations on geographical variation in

   Ambystoma  cingulatum. Copeia 1965: 342-346.


Gerhardt, H.C. 1973. Reproductive interactions between Hyla crucifer and

   Pseudacris ornata  (Anura: Hylidae). American Midland Naturalist 89: 81-88.


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    populations of the treefrog Hyla chrysoscelis. Copeia 1974: 534-536.


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    andersonii. American Midland Naturalist 91: 424-433.


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    behavioral analyses.  Behaviour 49: 130-151.


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   recognition in the green treefrog (Hyla cinerea). Journal of Experimental Biology

   61: 229- 241.


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     cinerea and Hyla gratiosa. Copeia 1975: 223-231.


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    vocalizations of some North American frogs and toads. Journal of Comparative

    Physiology 102:1-12.


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    and barking treefrogs. Journal of Comparative Physiology 107:241-252.


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    communication in  the green treefrog. Nature (London) 261:692-694.


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    the gray treefrog Hyla versicolor. Science 199:992-994.


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    continuum by female green treefrogs. Science 199: 1089-1091.


Gerhardt, H.C. 1978. Mating call recognition in the green treefrog (Hyla cinerea):

   significance of some  fine-temporal properties. Journal of Experimental Biology



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    treefrog (Hyla cinerea). Science 200:1179-1180.


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    preferences and mating call frequencies in the green treefrog, Hyla cinerea 

    (Anura: Hylidae). Journal of Comparative Physiology 137:1-6.


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    of the treefrog Hyla meridionalis. Behavioural Processes 5: 143-149.


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    miniature dendrobatid frog. Die Naturwissenschaften 67:362-363.


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    cinerea and Hyla  gratiosa: morphology, vocalization and electrophoretic analysis.

   Copeia 1980: 577-584.


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    responses of the green treefrog (Hyla cinerea) to synthetic mating calls. Journal

   of Comparative Physiology 141: 13-18.


Gerhardt, H. C. 1981. Mating call recognition in the green treefrog (Hyla cinerea):

    importance of two frequency bands as a function of sound pressure level. Journal

   of Comparative Physiology 144: 9-16.


Gerhardt, H.C. 1981. Mating call recognition in the barking treefrog (Hyla gratiosa):

    responses to synthetic calls and comparisons with Hyla cinerea. Journal of

   Comparative Physiology 144:17-25.


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   the green treefrog: a variable mechanism? Die Naturwissenschaften 67:430-431.


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    (Anura: Hylidae):  implications for mate choice. American Zoologist 22: 581-   



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    source by the green treefrog. Science 217: 663-664.


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    Interactions (Halliday, T. and P. Slater, eds), pp. 82-113. Oxford:  Blackwell Scientific

    Publications, pp. 82-113.


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    and selective phonotaxis of females. Science 220: 82-113.


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     German Zoological  Society 1983: 25-35.


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      implications of  selective  phonotaxis in the spring peeper (Hyla crucifer). Animal

     Behaviour 32: 875-881.


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     treefrogs: sound production by males and selective phonotaxis of females.

    Journal of Comparative Physiology 154: 319-330.


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     neurobiology and evolution. Experimental Biology 45: 167-178.


 Gerhardt, H.C. 1986. Frog chorus: vocal communication in frogs and toads.

     In The Encyclopedia of Reptiles and Amphibians (Halliday, T.R. and Adler, K., eds), pp. 58-59.

     NY: Facts on File Inc.


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     mate choice by female gray tree frogs. Nature (London) 326:286-288.


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     phonotaxis in the green treefrog, Hyla cinerea. Animal Behaviour 35: 1479-1489.


Gerhardt, H.C., Daniel, R.E., Perrill, S.A. and S. Schramm. 1987. Mating behaviour

   and male mating success in the green treefrog. Animal Behaviour 35: 1490-1503.


Gerhardt, H.C. 1988. Acoustic properties used in call recognition by frogs and

       toads. In: The Evolution of the Amphibian Auditory System. (Fritzsch, B., Hethington, T., Ryan,

       M., Wilczynski, W. and Walkowiak, W., eds), pp. 455-483. N.Y.: John Wiley & Sons.


Gerhardt, H.C. and J.A. Doherty 1988. Acoustic communication in the gray     

    treefrog, Hyla versicolor: evolutionary and neurobiological implications. Journal

    of Comparative Physiology A 162: 261-278.


Gerhardt, H.C. and M.S. Davis 1988. Variation in the coding of species identity in

      the advertisement calls of Litoria verreauxi (Anura: Hylidae). Evolution 42: 556-565.


Gerhardt, H.C. and G.M. Klump 1988. Masking of acoustic signals by the chorus

     background noise in the green tree frog: a limitation on mate choice. Animal

      Behaviour 36: 1247-1249.


Gerhardt, H.C. and G.M. Klump 1988. Phonotactic responses and selectivity of

     barking treefrogs (Hyla gratiosa) to chorus sounds. Journal of Comparative

     Physiology 163: 795-802.


Klump, G.M. and H.C. Gerhardt 1989. Sound localization in the barking treefrog

     (Hyla gratiosa). Die Naturwissenschaften 76: 35-37.


Gerhardt, H.C. 1989. Acoustic pattern recognition in anuran amphibians. In: The Comparative

    Psychology of Complex Acoustic Perception. (S. Hulse & R. Dooling (eds), pp. 175-

    197. Baltimore: Erlbaum Publ. Co.


Gerhardt, H.C., Diekamp, B.M. and M. Ptacek. 1989. Inter-male spacing in

       choruses of the spring peeper, Pseudacris crucifer. Animal Behaviour 38: 1012-1024. 


Schwartz, J.J. and  H.C. Gerhardt 1989. Spatially-mediated release from masking

      in an anuran amphibian. Journal of Comparative Physiology A 166: 37-41.



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