Dr. Carrel
Research Interests:
-- Biology of Spiders
In the process of using thousands of wolf spiders (Araneae: Lycosidae) as predators of chemically defended arthropods early in my career, I developed a deep interest in the biology of spiders as a whole.  Currently I am finishing a project on risk-sensitive switching in feeding behavior by a crevice spider.  I continue studies of how time of day and plant structure affect the postures of orb-weavers at rest on the hubs of their webs.  I also am looking at water balance in orb-weavers living in xeric environments.  Finally, in the coming year or two I hope to complete two field studies on the diets of web spiders that are endemic to Florida scrub, testing the hypothesis that endemic spiders might tend to specialize on insects that also are endemic to scrub.   All of these projects are being done at least in part at the Archbold Biological Station.

Spider on orb-web
Spider on orb-web

I describe my conservation biology studies of spiders endemic to Florida scrub at the Archbold biological Station in a subsequent subsection.



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