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Isle of Man Photo Album

Sunset over Pt. Erin harbor, southwest side of Isle of Man (IOM), June 2005. Jan and Jim hiked the hills on the right in preparation for the Parish Walk.

Houses in Pt. St. Mary's on south coast, IOM. Over a century ago, some of Jan's relatives lived in Ivey Dean, the left-most stone house on the wharf. [Jim took the picture as the mail was delivered (red truck).]

Pt. Erin harbor on morning of the Parish Walk, Sat., June 25, 2005. Weather was glorious.

Hotels and condos overlooking harbor in Pt. Erin, IOM. Jim and Jan, along with other family members, stayed as always in the Falcon's Nest Hotel (right middle) on the promenade.

Jim at approximately mile 23, 6 hours into the Parish Walk, IOM, June 25, 2005. After climbing 1200 ft up the "Sloc" (Manx term for the ravine that is formed by steep sides of the hill north of Pt. Erin), he is slowing and being passed by everyone he blew by early in the event. The locals act like it's just a stroll in the park on the weekend. Hundreds of cars driven by "minders", the support crews, take over the left side of the highway, which is closed for the Walk.

Jim stops near Round Table, IOM, about mile 24, having passed the highest hill (in background), and Nancy Weaver fills his water bottle. Her chocolate bars and fruit provided needed calories to get going to city of Peel, 10 miles further on.

Water fall at Glen Maye, west coast IOM. Day after the Parish Walk, Jan took a short hike down the verdant glen to the Irish Sea while Jim rested in the hotel.


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