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Eisnerfest Photo Album

Jim organized Eisnerfest 2005 in June, a reunion for students of Tom and Maria Eisner.  Here, at lunch Tom Eisner chats with Josh Ladau, his current doctoral student, and with Andres Gonzalez, a former postdoc. from Uruguay.  In back Marta del Campo (former postdoc.) from SUNY Binghamton listens to conversation between Steve Nowicki (former doctoral student) from Duke and Katy Payne (former undergrad.) from Cornell.

Jim in Jun. 2005 standing in front of old Comstock Hall, home of the Entomology Dept. and Tom Eisner's lab in 1966 when Jim started graduate work in Evolutionary Biology. After the Program in Neurobiology and Behavior was established, Tom, Jim, and others moved physically and administratively to Langmuir Labs at the airport.


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