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Besides gardening, carpentry, and photography, Jim does power walking for exercise and fun. He started to walk seriously in 1999 after turning 55, doing 2-3 miles daily on the KT Trail Clty Park. Gradually he increased his distance and speed to 5-7 miles daily at 4.3 mph. 

In 2003 and 2005 Jim joined his wife's family on the Isle of Man and entered the annual Parish Walk, which is held on a weekend in June near the summer soltice. The walk is 85 miles and it links the 17 ancient parish churches around the island.  Competitors have 24 hours to complete the course; each year about 100 of the 1200 entries finish.  In 2003 Jim walked 20 miles in under 5 hours to the Rushen Chruch in the city of Port Erin and this year he did 32.5 miles in 8.5 hours to St. German's Church in the city of Peel, almost half-way around the island.  He hopes to return in 2008 to Man for another Parish Walk.

2005 Parish Walk
Jim Carrel crossing the finish line in the City of Peel on the Isle of Man at 32.5 miles in 8.5 hours into the 2005 Parish Walk
Whether he'll try  to go further is questionable. He asks himself, "Is the human body meant to go 40-80 miles nonstop or is this lunacy?"


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