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We've been monitoring bird populations in the Guánica Dry Forest, southwest Puerto Rico since 1972, making it the longest continual monitoring study in the Neotropics. Guánica is a very special place: it's an International Biosphere Reserve, protecting some of the best subtropical dry forest in the world. It's also home to several unique and often endemic (indigenous) birds such as the Puerto Rican Lizard-Cuckoo (Coccyzus vieilloti, bottom middle) and PR Tody (Todus mexicanus, bottom right), and we're fortunate to work there.

We've learned a lot about the bird community over the past 40 years, but there is still much more to understand. In recent years, the populations of some, but not all, resident species have declined, even though the forest still seems to provide good habitat. Populations of migrant species have also declined (see the Project page). Understanding what is causing these declines is one of our main research priorities in the near future.

Puerto Rican Lizard